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- Mark Twain -

Simplifying the Cross-Border Mexico Logistics with 5 Steps

Mexico is an enormous market for both imports and exports and shipping rates for cross-border Mexico loads are fluctuating for the same reasons we are experiencing in the U.S.: the ELD mandate, rising prices, chronic driver shortage and soaring consumer demand. One factor unique to cross-border trade that’s impacting the market is the extreme imbalance between southbound and northbound traffic. (more…)

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AI in Logistics Management: The Moment Has Come

The ever-expanding field of artificial intelligence is leaving an indelible mark on logistics industry. DHL identified in its Logistics Trends Radar report that AI and machine learning as key technologies driving logistics innovation with an ability to rapidly make sense of massive data sets with automation of operational processes. The AI is transforming the reality of this business, that is a fact we all must accept. (more…)

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Build World-Class Logistics Operations with more than Digital Freight Matching

Uber announced last week that it was shuttering its self-driving truck program, a development that had several industry experts questioning the future of the company’s digital freight brokerage app Uber Freight, which launched in 2017, showing that they quickly discovered its simple model of driving people from point A to point B couldn’t be easily applied to the complexities of freight shipping, where nearly every load is unique. (more…)

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