What is LTL?

LTL or less than a full truckload is defined as a partial load per truck. In general, a truck without a full truckload looks for other partial loads to make transportation cost-effective. This solution is economical to transport partial loads and re-made for shipments that require less than 30 feet of a truck or more than 20,000 lbs. approx. This economical alternative avoids the total cost of a truck and depends largely on the weight and dimensions.

Benefits of LTL:

Being partial loads, there is a tendency to pay for the transport of full loads, even if the quantity of products does not fill the truck. In addition, by sharing fuel costs and driver’s hours, the cost is considerably reduced, and by not needing full loads, companies can deliver products to other sites and access new markets. Time reduction, flexibility, and increased sales and marketing expectations are related benefits that this modality accompanies. 

LTL coverage by DGL:

DGL has coverage throughout the country (Mexico, Canada, and the United States). Although there are main cities where there is more movement of this type of cargo, we handle partial loads at incredible rates with availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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