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DGL is committed to being a reliable and trusted partner for logistical needs and your customer.

DGL As a strategic partner, you aim to go beyond simply supplying services and instead provide excellent service experiences, innovative solutions, and competitive rates to exceed your customers’ needs. With a presence in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


DGL detects and satisfies the needs and priorities of the customers have a service-focused approach that helps you align your business strategies, processes, and resources toward delivering exceptional customer experiences. 


DGL promptly attends to the requests and/or requirements of customers and suppliers. Providing a positive experience, understanding the unique requirements of each customer, and customizing offerings to create an only experience.


DGL listen, attend and Value and act upon customer opinions to strengthen customer loyalty and loyalty by actively seeking and integrating critical opinions, you foster an environment that encourages innovation.


DGL provides accurate and detailed information to your partners. Being clear in the description of your services and sincere with your clients and suppliers in any circumstance is an important practice that fosters transparency, trust, and strong relationships.

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Warming problems due to storm Claudette in the U.S.

The presence of the storm has hit the southern United States where there have been several damages due to strong winds, destroyed homes and flooded roads.

Supply Chain Chaos

It should be noted that supply chains and logistics are an important factor in the world economy, representing 12% of GDP, especially in industries that depend on logistics to keep thousands of companies in operation.

New record for the month of May at the Port of Long Beach Island.

In the last month the port had the opportunity to move more than 900,000 containers, which has become a new record in its 110-year history.

The cost of the oil will bring for container, tanker and bulk shipments.

The price of Brent crude oil has risen above $72, and as oil prices rise, so does the cost of marine fuel, leading to higher surcharges for shippers.

Strategy in deliveries generates a versus between shipping companies.

As part of reliability strategies of shipping companies, they usually offer delivery services every day and more in the digital market.

Bill on speed limit for large trucks.

The Cullum Owings Safe Operating Speed of Large Trucks Act seeks to mandate the National Traffic Safety Administration to require hundreds of vehicles to be equipped with speed limiting technologies.