About Us

Dedicated Ground Logistics (DGL) is an American Third Party Logistics Provider (Freight Broker) specialized in domestic freight transportation in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


To become one of the most prominent quality-based freight brokers in the USA, Canada and Mexico by constructing a strong, knowledgeable and compact team of seasoned leaders


To be an example of what teamwork can create, in a world of complicated logistics management, DGL wants to sell peace of mind


DGL Core Value Declaration:

Respect: We take pride in being able to find friendship everywhere. Tolerance and leniency go a long way in gaining allies.

Teamwork: Learn to trust your team and become unbeatable. Unity and collaboration is what makes a group rock-solid, proactivity is what makes the team successful.

Honesty: True happiness can only be achieved with honesty; Sincerity and reliability create good vibes.

Commitment: We promote continuous education, whereas our dedication is reflected in our team’s resourcefulness and perseverance in getting the job done.

Responsibility: It can be a burden if its not properly managed, with diligence, organization and focus it in turn becomes an advantage.

Kindness: The world is in urgent need of kindness; Leaders that inspire admiration and use empathy to create motivation.

Integrity: It’s all about being a good person, loyalty and punctualit