As part of reliability strategies of shipping companies, they usually offer delivery services every day and more in the digital market, which has skyrocketed, which is why there are different opinions on whether such services offer a better or worse service since it is assumed that the delivery time can vary the logistics of the delivery of packages whether large, small or in large quantities.

That is why there are companies that prefer not to offer this immediate delivery service as they prefer to take the time to prepare a good logistics (a process that usually takes 2 to 5 days). According to data, provided in Freightwaves, taken from Statista, half of U.S. consumers would be willing to wait about two days to receive their deliveries.

The same-day delivery process, although a faster service, requires a more feasible ordering and shipping process which equates to greater resource consumption, which in theory is a very good strategy for retailers as their products must be available either in retail stores or warehouses, better user satisfaction and fewer product returns, even though the costs are higher than next-day delivery. On the other hand, this type of delivery is more diversified due to several challenges and delivery times and lower costs.

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