Due to the discovery of two wildfires, the Arizona Department of Transportation announced that due to complications from smoke and the growing wildfires, there will be road closures. This could meet the Freight Transportation by:

– U.S. Highway 70 closed to commercial vehicles between mileposts 272 and 302.

– U.S. Highway 60 from Superior to Top-of-the-World.

– State Route 77 from Globe to Winkelman.

– State Route 177 from Superior to Winkelman.

According to the latest data, from these fires, the one discovered on June 1 was 65,825 acres in size and the one discovered on June 4 was 61,211 acres in size. This is due to the droughts that have occurred in the eastern United States during the last months. In addition, the wildfires have threatened with the growth of new fires and the affectation of many communities.

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