The U.S. House of Representatives has introduced a bill to help heavy-duty truckers gain free access to commercial vehicles across the country.

The idea of this bill is to improve safety on highways throughout the country since more parking lots for truckers to rest in the United States will relieve the shortage of spaces available for them to rest. This problem generates great insecurity on the roads; since there are no parking spaces; truckers prefer to drive even if they are tired or are forced to park in unsafe places.

According to Bost, «creating sufficient truck parking will allow trucks to travel long distances safely because truckers will be assured of a safe break for the rest of the break. The legislation will dedicate funds from the U.S. Department of Transportation for state agencies to expand facilities that will provide more parking spaces. This project has an investment of $125 million by the fiscal year 2022, and these funds are expected to increase through the fiscal year 2026, where it is expected that by that year, the parking space situation at these locations will have changed.

For now, the legislation is expected to be considered in a panel debate in the House of Transportation in the midst of a road policy. In February, D-ore Rep. Chairman Peter DeFazio acknowledged that concern with the lack of parking facilities is appropriate for the conduits. Stakeholders have been alarmed by the lack of parking for several years, so it is hoped that this proposal will be embraced and give a better picture.  

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