Today we are pleased to announce that we are growing every day to improve our services, to be faithful to what we do, and above all to give you all the confidence to be your 3PL of trust.

Dedicated Ground Logistics now has an alliance with TIA and CargoNet.

These alliances have been developed for the purpose of providing security with your cargo. CargoNet will provide security to our customers to avoid «those mishaps that can happen when transporting». We have chosen them because we know that their service will guarantee your peace of mind, and we want to be a part of it. In addition, TIA offers us an alliance that allows DGL as a 3PL to be strengthened in a timely, viable way, and most importantly to protect our business to give profitability and avoid fraudulent processes so that our company has the transparency that both our employees and our customers are looking for in a company that guarantees 100% of the processes, services, and intermediaries that are handled are totally reliable.

That is why Dedicated Ground Logistics ventures into new ways of acting that will improve your relationship with us as a customer.

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