In order to discourage travel during peak periods, congestion pricing in certain areas is used to reduce the waste market due to traffic congestion as reported by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. In general, this system focuses on lower-activity transportation methods such as subway, train, or bus as better alternatives during peak hours.

There are more populated regions throughout the country, and these are some of them with their respective congestion costs.

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The FHWA argues that eliminating the 5% of vehicles on congested roads can help improve prices, make the system flow more efficiently and reduce carbon emissions.

Despite the fact that this strategy seeks to reduce traffic, heavy traffic carriers will look for alternative roads to help them save on these costs in order to avoid these higher tolls; however, as these roads are not designed for this type of traffic, there will be congestion on these types of roads. It is expected that the Biden administration will analyze and with its new infrastructure plans and investments in the transportation industry, the whole panorama can be improved.

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