Due to the pandemic, it has become popular for companies to resort to external logistics providers. Due to the high demand from customers and the decrease in the volume of inventory in warehouses, companies have opted to hire 3PL companies to help them optimize and manage transportation, logistics, and delivery times as a solution to the current crisis.

Some companies more than others have stood out in the U.S. market for their recognition and customer satisfaction, and the increase in profits that logistics companies have had has caused many 3PL retail companies to increase prices by 10 to 20 percent in transportation costs.

However, due to the growth of large companies as well as retailers, the competition to recruit new talent (freight forwarders) has become a competition among these companies, as changes in brokerage business models, candidates take the opportunity to make a change in their careers, focusing specifically on those who deal with more challenging capacity issues and leadership to manage relationships with carriers, where logistics expertise is handled. In addition, due to these exacting standards, companies are increasing salaries to recruit top talent.

Taken from: freightwaves.com


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