The announcement that Carnival Cruise Line and Miami-Dade County will launch a pilot shore power program at PortMiami. This plan will allow certain ships to turn off engines while docking, which will reduce emissions. The program is still under study in its pilot phase in addition to the necessary infrastructure work.
On the other hand, Miami-Dade County signed a statement with several cruise companies that will bring energy from the waterfront to the Port in order to form a working group with each cruise ship to work on logistical requirements and funding mechanisms.
In the statement the president of Carnival Cruise Line said that «in keeping with our priorities of compliance, environmental protection and the health, safety, and welfare of guests, employees and those nearby, we are delighted to partner with Mayor Daniella and Miami-Dade County to participate in this pilot program ashore at PortMiami», As this initiative is expected to project a technological advancement at the port as well as help generate climate change by reducing emissions, it is expected that this energy plan will utilize shore power for up to four vessels at Terminal F by 2023.
Since Miami-Dade County operates one of the busiest seaports in Florida; this will support economic development and sustainability. Among the infrastructure renovations and future plans for the project are focused on reducing emissions, electrification of cranes that will help the entire project environmentally and developmentally.

More info: www.miamidade.gov


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