The Best Digital Tool Kit for Freight Agents

The Best Digital Tool Kit for Freight Agents

The ultimate tool kit for freight agents will give them the ability to handle any impromptu situations that will occur between deliveries in real time. It will include tools to anticipate any weather or traffic delays, and it will enable them to compete with big name competitors for clients.

The Best Digital Tool Kit

That list would look something like this:

  • Real-Time Weather and Traffic Updates
  • Live Visual Shipment Tracking
  • On-the-Spot Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for Load Deliveries
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Freight Billing and Payment Software
  • Trucker Payment Management
  • Document Management and Storage
  • Scan to System Imaging Software
  • Satellite Views of Geographical Locations

1. Truck Stop Locators

If freight agents could afford anything they want to improve their business, they would likely come up with each and every one of these features. However, most independent agents do not have a limitless budget and without these advanced tools, their business is dead in the water these days.

2. Top Rate Shipping Center

Logistics is complicated by nature. You are trying to coordinate hundreds of moving parts to move something from one point on the globe to another. As freight agents, you are the coordinator trying to match the fastest routes with the nearest driver to win the trust of your clients.

Without a top rate shipping center platform, you are not going to be able to compete on the big stage with the top dogs in the industry. Believe it or not there are still independent agents cold calling loadboards and mapping routes on dry erase boards.

That’s not going to cut it anymore. What you need is an interactive shipping center platform that provides you with real-time data to help you offer the fastest most reliable freight services.

3. Transportation Management

Using the integrated fully customizable LTL shipping management from DGL Dedicated Ground Logistics you can book shipments easier and faster. The interactive shipping centers enable you to schedule pickups with only one click and find carriers based on transit times, costs, etc.

4. Customer Management

Stop cruising loadboards for one off shipments. Build a real portfolio of steady clients who will come to depend on your service. A nice platform should help you find more customers and to manage their accounts from one fully integrated platform.

5. Comprehensive Supply Chain Management

Part of what pushes costs up for freight agents is the fuel costs for transporting cargo across long distances. You can cut those costs in half with comprehensive supply chain management. You have access to more than 20K different carriers so that none of your trucks ever have to return empty. You can double the business for half the fuel costs.

At DGL, we have warehouses all across the U.S. which enables us to fulfill our clients’ customer demands. Instead of spending money to haul cargo from coast to coast, we can have your load shipped along our routes through our nationwide network of warehouses.

Our innovative solutions take the best of all worlds and combine them to create the ultimate tools for freight agents to build their businesses up bigger and more profitable.

So take the time and contact us today, let´s work together.

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