Simplifying Supply Chains with Blockchain

What if you could go away with paperwork by digitizing the information and going into the cloud where all involved parties could access it any time? That’s the promise of the blockchain, a technology we will invest in. Supply chain and logistics transaction documentation are about to be “one of the potentially most compelling use cases for blockchain technology.”  (more…)

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Minimize Last-Mile Logistics Issues with the Right Freight Agent

Solving Last-Mile Challenges for Freight Agents is the home stretch and your load has just a few short miles left to go before the shipment is fulfilled. Yet it is in this final leg that most freight agents encounter logistical challenges that make meeting increasing consumer demands even harder, and that’s why here are 10 ways to minimize last-mile issues… (more…)

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8 Technology Trends Shippers Need to Know for Supply Chain

For many companies, logistics and supply chain management is no longer a simple cost of doing business, but a way to generate competitive and operational advantages. Technology has become the perfect enabler for most advances in the supply chain.

Gartner, one of the most trustworthy voices in technology research today, published its list of top supply chain technology trends businesses should be watching. These technologies can help our companies create leaner, faster and self-orchestrated logistics and supply chain operations. (more…)

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