This is how we give value to carriers

Lately, so many carriers see freight brokers as a necessary ally, a roadblock keeping them from working directly with the shipper to move cargo. Without context, you can see why that assumption happens. What’s the point of a freight broker if the shipper can just pick up the phone and call the carrier to schedule a shipment? Well, working through alliances, like the ones you may have with freight brokers, will add a tremendous amount of value to both shippers and carriers. (more…)

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Ready to join to the e-commerce wave?

Consumers and businesses buy everything online, from furniture and electronics to toilet paper. According to market researcher eMarketer, e-Commerce sales will grow to $692 billion by 2020, up from $389 billion last year. Whatever the numbers turn out to be, its obvious that growth will be strong and fast, meaning that shippers and logistics providers need to be ready to handle the seismic shift from brick and mortar to online retail. (more…)

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