Freight Agents Growing the Business

Freight Agents Growing the Business

Today we want to share an inspirational story from a great freight agent, who wanted to share his view and experience throught these lines. As an independent freight agent Anthony Laudati discovered his passion for freight sales 21 years ago, shortly after he began working for one of the country’s largest logistics providers in his home state of New York.

Anthony, as many other freight agents, is commited with helping people solve complex logistics problems and over time built a loyal group of customers who would follow him throughout his career in logistics, gaining valuable experience along the way.. Back in 2017 Anthony had reached a tipping point in his career when he would consider yet another option— starting his own freight business and becoming an independent freight agent.

After several years working in W-2 positions for large companies, he came to the realization that anywhere you work has its share of risks and rewards. Anthony concluded that he wanted to be in control of his own destiny, while having an opportunity for unlimited growth and earning potential.

Anthony knew if he was going to dive into becoming an entrepreneur, he needed to set himself up with the right resources and partners to be successful. Which led him to joining to a very recognized Agent Network because, “Even though I was going out on my own, I didn’t want to be on an island. I knew I’d need the best support network and technology to help me grow.

Getting $1 Million in Freight Billings

Looking back at his first year as a working as a freight agent on that company, Anthony is thrilled with the results. “I did $1 million this year by myself.” Now he’s growing to the point where he wants to add employees.  “That was lifting the weight of the world off my shoulders,” he says, adding, “The most difficult task on my end is onboarding somebody and getting them up to speed with our systems.” As an entrepreneur, Anthony would rather spend his time growing his book of business, and the agent development and back-office support teams help him stay focused on revenue-generating initiatives.

Additionally, he has access to a suite of innovative technology tools that gives Anthony a competitive advantage. His customers appreciate the easy-to-use technology systems, which provides full visibility into their logistics operations and enables them to rate, book, track and analyze all their shipments in one place. “Our interface is very user-friendly—three clicks and you can have your shipment booked.”

Anthony is also able to leverage his company’s full-suite of logistics solutions and a network of over 34,000 pre-qualified carriers while benefitting from the company’s industry-leading name.

But the best part about being an independent freight agent is he can finally work with customers wherever they are in the country. “Here I am in the middle of the Hudson Valley in New York, and I have customers all over the U.S.

As you got to see, becoming a successful freight agent depends on having the best company behind, and being a great part of it. DGL has the best freight agents just waiting for the chance to help you grow your business.

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