What is Drayage?

FCL or Full-Container Load is a mode of transportation used when an entire container is used for the shipment of goods (without the need for it to be full), the main purpose is to reduce costs. In this service, the driver takes the cargo from point A to point B as the only guide to its contents B/L (Bill of Lading) in which the cargo is declared. The reason for using this type of cargo is to maximize and protect the goods shipped.

Benefits of FCL

As long as the merchandise is over 15m3, the cargo is usually more profitable. In addition, the security that this modality has allows the merchandise to arrive intact since it is not manipulated until it reaches its destination. Since its transit time is less due to the departure of the container from its departure terminal to its direct point of arrival.

FCL coverage by DGL

DGL has coverage in all 217 American ports and rail ramps  174 Canadian ports, the availability of each one varies according to the date and volume of the port, therefore, Dedicated Ground Logistics informs in advance the capacity per port to find the best solution and times that you need.

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