Appreciating Truck Drivers Everyday

Appreciating Truck Drivers Everyday

September 9-15, 2018 marks National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, so this is an important opportunity to recognize the 3.5 million trucking professionals across the country whose work is some of the most personally demanding and economically significant in the United States.  

Nowadays, more than 80 percent of U.S. communities depend solely on trucking for delivery of their goods and commodities. 

In this country, we all rely on truck drivers in so many ways: whether it is to enjoy basic modern conveniences, receive life-sustaining medical supplies, or even keep our businesses thriving.

Our modern lives depend on the transportation industry and our nation’s truck drivers. 

At DGL Dedicated Ground Logistics, we think it’s important to show truck drivers appreciation every day. We are deeply committed to helping drivers to succeed every day of the year, and that is why here are 5 ways all of us in the logistics industry can appreciate and respect truck drivers everyday:

1. Try to minimize driver wait time: 

Much of a driver’s compensation is based on their ability to move loads quickly, safely and efficiently. With the ELD mandate strictly enforcing HOS rules, it’s important for shippers to run smooth dock operations and minimize the time drivers sit waiting for loading and unloading. Help drivers get in and out of facilities quickly and on the road.  

2. Make your facility easy and safe to access: 

Is it your facility to find or does it come up on GPS? Is it easy to turn into without worrying about oncoming traffic or parked cars? If a driver wastes time finding your location, their job becomes unnecessarily difficult.

Make sure your traffic patterns are safe and easy to maneuver and you have streamlined gate check-in procedures. 

3. Always be courteous and accommodating: 

Ensure that you and your facility’s employees are treating drivers with respect. Provide ample parking at your loading docks and comfortable break areas and restrooms at your facilities.

Always offer drivers a place to rest, complete paperwork, make phone calls and get a snack or coffee while their truck is being loaded. Consider them an extension of your team. Their job is critical to getting your products to market.  

4. Pay the freight bills as quick as possible:

With 350,000 owner operators, many truck drivers are also operating their own small business, and quick payment can be the essence to their success. It’s important to pay owner-operators and carriers quickly and accurately. suggests the best way to accomplish this is using a TMS that integrates clean data between carriers and shippers. 

5. Get involved with the truck drivers non-profit organizations: 

The truck driving profession is personally demanding: working fourteen hours a day, spending prolonged time away from family, and much more sacrifices truck drivers make to help keep the economy moving.

There are several non-profit organizations, like Trucker Charity and Meals for 18 Wheels, devoted to mentoring, coaching and providing meals and assistance for drivers and their families. Consider getting involved with and learning more about these organizations and other causes supporting truck drivers. 

Finally, for all of us at DGL Dedicated Ground Logistics, we want to say “thank you” to the men and women who keep America moving.

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