10 Reasons to be Friends with your Freight Brokerage Firm

10 Reasons to be Friends with your Freight Brokerage Firm

We all know it: we spend the majority of our lifetimes working so it’s no surprise that strong relationships are often formed with business colleagues. And for DGL Dedicated Ground Logistics, some of our strongest relationships are with our freight agents, carriers and shippers.

Willing to make our commercial ties stronger, we have compiled this list of the 10 best reasons to be friends with your freight brokerage firm and the freight agents who handle your shipments:

  1. They have the best technology in place to keep you connected: Freight agents understand their clients want to know they have the right technology in place to not only keep them up-to-date but ensure they are getting the best quotes, carriers, and transit times. Freight agents like DGL have implemented robust, innovative technology to take care of all the logistical details involving the transportation and management of your freight.
  2. Ample access to a network of trustworthy carriers: It’s not a secret that the shipping industry has its downfalls, cause some fraudulent carriers take advantage of unsuspecting shippers more often than we’d like to acknowledge. When you work with a freight agent, you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of, jut because their number one job is taking care of you and your cargo. They have built lasting relationships with the industry’s best carriers to make sure your shipping needs are met and guaranteed.
  3. Rate negotiation that benefits you the most: Shipping freight is not cheap, especially if it’s a rush order. But rememeber that freight agents have the resources and tools in place to help negotiate the best carrier rates and transit times, so you don’t get taken to the cleaners.
  4. Accounting reconciliation made easy: By leveraging a freight brokerage firm, you don’t have to untangle the web of invoices and accounting. They’ve got your back (-office). If you have financial questions, they are ready and waiting to help.
  5. Unparalleled customer service. Business relationships aren’t always easy. Sometimes issues are unavoidable, and you’re left feeling frustrated. But freight agents put you first. If something goes wrong, they will fight for issue resolution. They won’t stop until the issue is resolved and the relationship is back on track.
  6. Back-office support that gives you easy access to the information you need. Anyone who works with a freight agent knows they run a tight ship. Good freight brokerage firms have back-office support that keeps things running smoothly and removes the cost and overhead from you.
  7. Worry less about risk, compliance is taken seriously: A lot of I’s need to be dotted and T’s need to be crossed in order to ensure the transportation of your cargo meets state, federal and international regulations. Thank our lucky stars for freight agents! They know the laws, so you don’t have to go to sleep at night worrying if you’re at risk for non-compliance.
  8. On-demand access to information and resources: As a leading freight management company, we believe in transparency and information sharing. Which is why we provide our freight agents with a continuous stream of information, resources and innovative technology to help them run their business, connect with reliable carriers and move cargo efficiently and effectively for you.
  9. Backed by trustworthy advisors: Every single person at DGL Dedicated Ground Logistics is committed to the success of our freight agents. We understand the value our freight agents deliver, and we are there to provide the support they need to be successful.
  10. At DGL we care, and that’s what matters the most: A good freight brokerage firm and freight agent really cares about their customers. They want to go above and beyond to meet or exceed expectations day in and day out. Who wouldn’t want a relationship like that, especially with us.

PS: We give our special thanks to all of our shippers, carriers and dedicated freight agents: your effort gives a soul to this industry.

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